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With daily increasing amount of vehicles across the country , the rise of peoples’ s concern about finding a suitable  and safe parking  spaces  , has become to  a vital preoccupation of modern societies,

Need for such places, particularly in large cities for the welfare of all citizens, is the basic thought for construction and implementation of   the parking which are updated to latest technology  . On the other hand, lack of prediction of parking spaces for most commercial office buildings in major cities, has made the streets of Tehran to a public parking lot.

Fanavaran Sanat Milad Engineering co, the leader in design, implementation and operation of all types of mechanized Parking, has attempted to construct a full mechanized Iranshahr parking garage, in cooperation with Tehran Municipality, aiming to develop the capabilities and increase the customer’s satisfaction.

Achieving self-sufficiency and increasing national production has always been a core belief of the executive directors of the company at all levels. With the aim of developing an automated car parks all over the country, this industry has started to work with MPE Japanese Company in order to transfer technology.

since the establishment of this company in 2002 ,   our notable experiences and integrated engineering design and manufacturing group of this  company, has been the evidence for  the  effort, expertness, determination, and dedication of  an executive engineering of the company's .
Sustainable productivity and international development is the sincere wish of Fanavaran family.


What you must know?
1) Safety and convenience in the investment require to be possessed of knowledgeable, capable and responsible adviser staff.

2) Detailed, conscious, and according to need design is critical to the individual and social well-being of all members of society.

3) The ability in accurate and comprehensive performing and monitoring, synchronized with the latest international standards.


Our Services
1) Designing and implementation of parking (Engineering procurement construction)

2) Offering advice and comprehensive solutions for all types of mechanized parking spaces

3) Repairs, maintenance and utilization of all kinds of Parking according to the global standards

4) Designing, installation and automated set up of entry and exit system of parking lot





Address: NO.10 , Sharifi Al , Sanjabi St. , Madar Sq. , Mirdamad Bl. , Tehran , Iran

Phone Number: (+9821) 26424693

Mobile: (+98912) 1217636

Fax: (+9821) 26424615

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